"Teacher training is paramount to improve the quality of education across the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Education Trust is running a fantastic programme in this area. We are fully committed to supporting its innovative initiatives. Partnerships are the best way to deliver solutions in today’s complex and dynamic world."

Nabeel Goheer, Assistant Secretary General, Commonwealth Secretariat

Admire Kettles, Teacher, South Africa

Dr. Ebby Mubanga, Registrar, Teaching Council of Zambia

Peter Tabichi, 2019 Global Teacher Prize Winner, Kenya

Precious Kachenga, Teacher, Zambia

Matthews Piri, Teacher, Zambia

Lucy Kendall, CEO, COCO International Children's Charity

"To be the best teacher, you have to keep learning."

Dr. Lola Ramocan, Education Specialist, Jamaica

“When people are able to get quality education they can break from the cycle of poverty. The lack of trained teachers in many parts of the world is jeopardizing prospects for quality education for all.”

UN, Sustainable Development Goals

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